Large Format Printer

Frequently Asked Questions


1.What is the printing size of the large format printer?

Max Printing Size:1800mm Width


2.How long can the ink last on the surface of the object?

Can last at least 5 years.


3.Which type of ink the printer use? How much for one set ink?

UV Ink


4.What other parts do I need to buy with UV flatbed printer?

UV Ink : $250/Set
Rotary tray if you need print on bottles;
About other molds, you can buy it from us or buy it from your local market (Like pen tray, phone case tray, etc..)


5.How to install / operate the printer?  

We have very detailed manual and videos to teach you how to install and use it.Whatsmore our engineers group  provide online tech support and service.


6.Warranty service

Each printer has a warranty period of up to 1 years.


7.What is the purchase process? How to arrange transportation issues?

We will arrange delivery after receiving percent of the department store for you by sea, express, etc. You can pay to us by bank transfer, Western union   or online payment.