DTG T-shirt Printer

Frequently Asked Questions


1.What kind of clothes can the machine print? All colors? What is the material?

"Any color and cotton material can be printed,mainly for cotton T-shirt printing. If you want to print on more material, DTF printer is better choice, which can do all other fabric textile material printing "


2.How long does it take to print a T-shirt?  Will the color fade after washing?

Only about 2 minutes to print a  T-shirt. (RECAI R-T 3850 DTG Printer),White;T-shirt ,about 2-4minute,black color T-shirt need 8-10 minutes (RECAI R-T 3050 DTG Printer),The color will not fade, it's washable. we sell this dtg tshirt printer more than 10 years, printing quality is reliable!Here's washing test video +


3.How much does the printing cost of a piece of clothing?

One T-shirt printing cost is only $0.3-0.5. one set ink can print about 800 pcs tshirt。


4.Which type of ink the printer use? How much for one set ink?

We use textile ink, which is 300 dollar/set, include 5 color ( CMYK white, each color 500ml ),It can print about 800pcs T-shirts, one tshirt printing cost is only about 0.3-0.5$.


5.In addition to the machine and ink, do I need other accessories?

Heat press machine, 38*38cm size heat press machine price is $200. You also can buy it from your local market.Before printing, use heat press machine to make the clothes smoothly, and the printing effect is better.After printing, heat pess again, to make the ink firmer and more washable.


6.What is included with the printer?

Our printer is with wooden box package,including printer, a new printhead, an extra small platform for child, sotfware,one set free ink and one USB key with all user manual and videos.


7.How to install / operate the printer?

We have very detailed manual and videos to teach you how to install and use it.Whatsmore our engineers group  provide online tech support and service.


8.Warranty service

Each printer has a warranty period of up to 1 years.


9.How to maintain the machine? Maintenance cost?

Our DTG T-shirt printer has an automatic cleaning function. It will be cleaned automatically every 10 hours. The maintenance cost is about $10/month.


10.What is the purchase process? How to arrange transportation issues?

We will arrange delivery after receiving percent of the department store payment.delivery for you by sea, express, etc. You can pay to us by bank transfer, Western union   or online payment.