Funsun A3 UV DTF Sticker Printer

Funsun A3 UV DTF Sticker Printer

2022 New UV Printer ! It can print to UV DTF film, transfer to almost all regular and irregular objects ! And also can direct print flat materials like normal UV flatbed printer, as well as cylindrical materials, such as: phone cases, leather, wood, plastic, acrylic, Pens, golf balls, metals, ceramics, glass, mugs, etc. Print for only about $1! Also, a very detailed manual and videos can help you install and use it. In addition, our team of engineers provides free online technical support and services.

  • Printer head: 2 Pcs Epson DX6 Heads (Epson XP600)
  • Printing width: 300mm*500mm
  • Ink color: CMYK W W+6 Varnish
  • Media type: UV DTF Film Sticker or Bottle, Acrylic, PVC, Phone/iPad Case, Pen, Ceramic, Ball, Etc...




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